A Global Perspective: How Konstantin Lichtenwald Blends Accounting with His Love of Travel

Konstantin Lichtenwald

January 23, 2021

Konstantin Lichtenwald (26)

What do accountants do in their spare time? For Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver, BC, the answer is simple: travel. While the COVID-19 pandemic may have put many travel plans on hold, Konstantin looks forward to the day when he can travel as much as he did in the past.

Of course, Konstantin doesn’t just travel for pleasure. It’s also a major part of his job as an accountant.

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Why Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver Loves Travel

Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver has always made travel a priority in his career. In fact, he works across two spheres: North America and the German-speaking parts of Europe. These spheres open up a lot of possibilities for Konstantin. “German is the most common language in Europe,” he explains. “Actually, there’s a pretty big German-speaking community in British Columbia, too.”

The opportunity to speak German is one of the reasons why Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver enjoys travel so much. The other reason, he says, is the chance to experience different cultures.

Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver Brings IPO Help, Taxation Help, and More Across the Globe

Whether he’s in Canada, the US, Germany, or any number of other countries, Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver helps businesses thrive financially. He works with small businesses and public businesses across all spheres. His work includes financial compliance, stock market help, taxation, and much more.

The work is challenging, of course, but Konstantin Lichtenwald lives for the challenge. Plus, Konstantin said, North American businesses and European businesses have a lot in common, so he can apply his knowledge everywhere. “The biggest thing that these areas have in common is the tourism industry,” says Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver. “British Columbia has a lot of tourism. So do a lot of the German-speaking areas in Europe. In fact, German-speaking countries are some of the most visited countries in the world.” North America and Germanic areas also both have fairly diverse economies, and both have strong service industries. That’s why both have benefitted — and continue to benefit — from Konstantin’s work.

At the same time, Konstantin notes, each culture is unique and brings something different to the table. Konstantin loves learning new things from each business and culture. The more Konstantin learns about different cultures, the more he can apply his knowledge to helping businesses everywhere.

Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver

Whether he’s at home or abroad, Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver loves helping businesses reach their fullest financial potential. With all of his clients, Konstantin takes a hands-on approach, specializing in strategy and problem-solving.