Konstantin Lichtenwald based in Vancouver Shares Tips on How You Can Save Thousands of Dollars

Konstantin Lichtenwald

August 21, 2021

Konstantin Lichtenwald based in Vancouver Shares Tips on How You Can Save Thousands of Dollars

Konstantin Lichtenwald, Vancouver, says you can make huge savings if you follow these practical tips.

1. Grow an emergency fund

According to Konstantin Lichtenwald based in Vancouver, first, you should know that your credit card isn’t a quick-fix money solution. It lets you pay for products and services; it’s a payment method.

Your credit card can’t be a tool to increase your income or savings. It’s not its purpose, says Konstantin Lichtenwald, Vancouver. 

Pro Tip: Rather, you should put aside some money, a few dollars, as the year begins to build up your emergency fund. You can handle small amounts every week or monthly. Celebrate after saving some dollars. 

2. Slash your debts

As Konstantin Lichtenwald notes, debts can suffocate you if you don’t manage them.

Pro Tips: If you’ve multiple debts charging you high interest, you should have one payment for all of them. But make sure that the interests remain low and check the transfer fees, too, when you choose this option.

Because preferential rates are 1 percent above the mortgage rate, you should consider moving your credit balances onto home equity. However, be careful not to get more debt by borrowing more.

3. Increase your contributions

As the year begins, you also have an opportunity to boost your TFSA and RRSP contributions, says Konstantin Lichtenwald, Vancouver.

Pro Tip: You can use the Sun Life Calculator to figure out how much you should contribute towards RRSP or reduce your mortgage.  As a parent, you also need to take advantage of RESP to build your educational savings.  Again, when you contribute to your supplemental plan, be sure to put a figure that doubles your employer’s contribution.

4. Consider topping your mortgage rates

Konstantin Lichtenwald based in Vancouver suggests that raising your mortgage payments can save you lots of dollars in the long term. As a result, you can cut down on the number of years it’ll take you to clear the entire loan, a good saving. 

Pro Tip: Another smart idea is to increase your frequency of paying your mortgage. 

5. Check your taxes

One thing you may think is always accurate is your tax charges, observes Konstantin Lichtenwald, Vancouver. It might not be the case. Because of this, you should review your taxes to see if there are any loopholes. Who knows, you may discover over taxation. 

6.  Shop around for insurance

According to Konstantin Lichtenwald based in Vancouver, you should shop around for insurance companies because they offer different rates. 

Pro Tip: Buying replacement insurance from a broker is cheaper than if you got it directly from a car dealer. Car dealers inflate the prices as they get a commission when you purchase the policy via them.

Konstantin Lichtenwald, Vancouver, has been in the finance and accounting field for 15 years, including corporate compliance, initial public offering and reverse takeover, accounting and financial management. In addition, Konstantin Lichtenwald offers small businesses and public companies services, such as taxation, valuation, financial reporting, consulting, etc.