Konstantin Lichtenwald Continues Successful Finance Career During Wall Street Bets Era

Konstantin Lichtenwald

February 25, 2021

The world of finance and investments is a very complicated and necessary one that people rely on to reach their long-term investment goals. While this is always a challenging industry to work in due to the complexities of the world of finance, the recent growth in popularity of Wall Street Bets has added additional challenges. Due to this, working with professionals such as Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver is very important.  

Konstantin Lichtenwald Has Substantial Experience and Great Education

One of the reasons that you should continue to work with professionals such as Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver is that he has great experience and education. After graduating from the University of Pforzheim, he has worked for a variety of different financial firms and today provides CFO services to several publicly listed companies. His experience working and leading through a variety of economic cycles helps to ensure that he can manage the challenges that occur during the Wall Street Bets era.

Konstantin Lichtenwald Offers Leadership to Corporations During Volatile Economic Times

The Wall Street Bets phenomenon has been a very interesting one and it shows how well a group of retail investors can influence the market. However, for traditional companies this risk of volatility can be concerning. To help with this and other challenges a number of firms have engaged Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver for his guidance. Today, he is a board member for a few different firms including Fuse Cobalt and A-Labs Capital. In his role as a board member, he is able to provide guidance and consultation as companies navigate through more volatile times.

Konstantin Lichtenwald Gives Tips for Personal Tax Management

During the Wall Street Bets era, many people have made a lot of money due to the growth in value of companies such as Game Stop and AMC. However, anyone that has sold during these times needs to realize that this will have a tax implication. Unless you held the stock for one year or more, you will have to pay short-term capital gains. Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver has offered a variety of tax tips that can help to offset a higher tax bill including take advantage of tax deductions and credits that may be available.

Due to the complexity of the tax law, those that have made money through the help of Wall Street Bets investment strategies should consider hiring a tax professional. Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver believes that these people can help you understand your tax obligations and build a plan accordingly to help minimize tax burden going forward.

The Wall Street Bets era has likely just begun. One individual that is helping both people and companies manage through this time is Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver. Konstantin Lichtenwald continues to offer a variety of services that can be used to deal with the volatility while staying the course and reaching your goals.