Konstantin Lichtenwald Examines Financing Factors to Consider During COVID

Konstantin Lichtenwald

October 2, 2020

Konstantin Lichtenwald

Konstantin Lichtenwald has watched the financing world change drastically under the demands of the new Covid-19 world. And these issues can cause your company serious cash flow issues if you don’t take steps to manage them ASAP. As a result, you must understand what Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver believes are the most critical necessary steps for your business during this crisis.

How to Protect Yourself, According to Konstantin Lichtenwald

Konstantin Lichtenwald (8)Financing during the Covid-19 pandemic is a problem that Konstantin Lichtenwald takes very seriously. He has seen many social distancing during the epidemic, and Konstantin Lichtenwald believes that this will significantly affect many financing opportunities. The nation already has a significant cash shortage, Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver states, due to these changes.

However, Konstantin Lichtenwald is also confident that there are still more than enough financing options for businesses like you. For example, Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver emphasizes the many relief packages that have been released since the crisis started. Though many of these programs are already out of cash, Konstantin Lichtenwald states that others still exist to help with this demand.

Beyond these programs, Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver emphasizes the importance of understanding your liquidity requirements and how much cash your business needs, as a minimum. Start by examining your cash flow in and out of your business, Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver states, and find where shortages may occur. Konstantin Lichtenwald suggests finding a way of shoring up these shortages for both the short- and long-term.

For example, Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver finds that many businesses suffer from payroll shortages during this crisis. You may need to lay people off, Konstantin Lichtenwald states, during this period. Cut back to the bare minimum and let your unemployment insurance help those you cannot keep on staff. Though Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver understands this is a hard step to take, temporary layoffs may keep you afloat during this time.

If necessary, Konstantin Lichtenwald also suggests finding a new short-term financing option that will last you a year or two. A loan may be a good choice, though some companies may struggle to pay these off, Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver states. There are some grants available for this purpose, Konstantin Lichtenwald states, though you’ll need to apply for them ASAP because they are going quite quickly. Proactivity is critical during this time, so don’t wait for somebody to do these steps for you.

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